Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Now *My* Favorite V-Neck

I have a uniform most days" t-shirt-type top, shorts or capris or jeans, simple jewelry. The end. It's easy, I can dress it up if I need to, it's comfortable, and it' snot terribly expensive. Never fear, I do still fancy it up every now an then but my current lifestyle coupled with the place I live doesn't require much in the way of dressiness.

So I am always on a sort-of quest for a comfortable, nice t-shirt. I've cycled through various offerings at J.Crew, Banana Republic, and now I have fallen back into the Gap. I really love the favorite v-neck tee: it's not too low cut, soft, stretchy, 100% cotton (not some weird strange blend of fabrics), it clings but not too much, and, most importantly, it is long enough without me having to order a tall size (which is inevitably too darn long). Plus, it is not overly expensive and you can get it at a great price with any promo Gap has going. You can find me wearing it most days and it will surely be a staple come summer. It may be somewhat boring but hey, it works.


  1. It's good to know you like them because I was just considering buying the long-sleeve version. I'm waiting to receive a package from JCrew with a bunch of tees that I bought on sale for about $11-15 each. I have never purchased JCrew so I don't know about fit/quality. But it seems that poor quality has hit all stores (even high-end stores!). I'm wondering if you've had these Gap tees for awhile and can comment about whether they stretch out alot over time. I bought a couple of tees from Old Navy about 2 years ago, and they stretched out so badly it was ridiculous. Bummer that I can only get the Gap tees online. I'd rather try a bunch on in the store so I can figure out what size/color I like.

    1. Hi lucy, I am tall and find the J.Crew Perfect Tees to be too short; plus, for whatever reason they seem too heavy on and make me hot. The Banana Republic ones I linked are some weird blend and while nice don;t breather very well. The Gap ones don't seem to shrink much and the white is not super sheer like some white tees. They don't pull across my chest either and I order my regular size. Target also has good simple tees in their Merona brand but I found they shrink up a good inch or two. Good luck! It is all trial and error. I ordered some Tall tees from Gap and had to send them back via the mail, but sometimes it; worth it to find a good tee.

    2. Thanks Jacquelyn for the info. I'm tall too so the JCrew tees might be too short on me. But I am looking for a heavier, long-sleeve tee that I can wear in "winter". I'm in So Cal, and we have yet to have a winter but it can get chilly at night. I'm also so sick of see-through tees! I think I'll wait on my JCrew package to arrive, and then probably order some from Gap too so that I can compare. Thanks again.


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