Friday, February 28, 2014

A Shorts Story

I just can't win. You see, I need shorts. It's part of my go-to uniform and it has been plenty warm enough here to start wearing them. So I have begun my quest but you see, nothing at all fits at all. I'm the same size and weight as last year. If anything I am slimmer. But shorts this year seem to not work at all.

It started with Boden's Bistro Short. I loved the navy floral print. I followed the size chart and ordered what I thought would be my size plus one size up, because one can never be sure and Iif I am going to wait two weeks for something to arrive I might as well order a plethora of sizes. Anyway. Both sizes were huge in the waist. The smaller size fir okay across my hips but was comically large everywhere else. Back they went, as even a size smaller would not have worked because ether it would have been too tight across my hips.

Next up were some shorts from The Limited. The nautical print seemed nice. Same story: too big in the waist, just right in the hips, embarrassingly bulky across my legs.

Now, Lands' End, I bit during the F&F event (and bought these shoes I had coveted, which turned out to be wary too tight across the toe). I also thought I'd try these cute citrus print shorts. Oh how deluded I was. Too big! Too bulky! A smaller size would have once again fit my hips but been too july everywhere else. Sigh.

And the last contender is Loft. Well, I am sure you can guess the story here. I love this short, the little black dots are textured and raised and they looked so cute. But once again, my hips and this time the top of my thighs got in my way. Even in a larger size it gaped across my waist. Sigh. It's really too bad they didn't work because I kind of love the other print they come in.

So now I await Gap and Banana Republic. I was successful at both chains last year; Gap Tall in particular seemed to work well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Sounds like your waist is small. You need to go to the tailor. Get the shorts that fit in the hips/butt, look good and are a nice length, then get the waist nipped in. The best tailor is Sew What on Swan/Camp Lowell near Basha's. It's well worth it to have this small alteration done.

  2. I've had some success with gap and j crew. I don't like short shorts so the Bermuda length from j crew was great! I'm typically a 12 or 14 in bottoms and found them to be tts. A bit plain, but comfy and one can jazz up the outfit with a fun top! Good luck on your search! -Susie

  3. I feel your pain, as you may know, I have had to go to drafting my own pants block so I can sew a perfect pair of pants/shorts. Yeah, I have a few ready to wear pants/shorts that fit, but like you, they are always fine in the hips but too large in the waist. Sigh. Amazingly, the 10 L in the navy floral bistro shorts worked for me. I couldn't believe it!

    I second Desert flower on the tailor idea. Or take up sewing and draft your own pants pattern. LOL. ;)

  4. Thanks all! Desert Flower, I will have to check out that tailor, it's not too far from my house. Dina Gideon, I actually want to take up sewing but my house is quite small and our extra bedroom is where my husband has his home office. Someday I will have a bigger house and a room of my own!

  5. try Eddie Bauer..... several different fits and a big range of sizes w/ talls and petites...some run large but you can read the on line reviews and get an idea...


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