Monday, February 13, 2012

Free is the (My Favorite) Word

Since this is my birthday month I have been inundated with coupons, certificates, etc. Among the stack was a $5 coupon from DSW.

I don't really live too close to DSW, but on Super Bowl Sunday I found myself at the chi-chi Wal-Mart up in Oro Valley manning a Girl Scout cookie booth (we sold a lot of cookies, by the way). When Jake came to relieve me I cruised over to the DSW located in the shopping center, armed with the following coupons:
  • $5 birthday coupon
  • $10 rewards certificate
  • $40 rewards certificate
I guess buying several pairs of boots this past winter paid off. In any case I was determined to find something, and find something I did.

    I've been looking for a new pair of simple black mary janes, and much to my delight I spotted these in the sale room, on clearance for $32.50. That means I got these for free.

    There is bit of mystery to these shoes. Online the product description states they are by Bandolino, style name Dancia, yet the pair I purchased in store are by Nine West, style name Derrisa. Both brands are owned by the same parent company. The online price is not reduced but the store price is. Hrmm.

    I wore them to work last week and they were comfortable right out of the box. Now I kind of want the color blocked version, but I will wait for it to be marked down online. 

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