Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hello Kitty Saves the Day

I love my iPhone. I love Hello Kitty. So it should come as no surprise that this is the case on my iPhone 4:

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I just turned 36. I don't care. Every time I see the Kitty with No Mouth I smile. And smiling is good, right?

Anyway, this is not a regular silicone or rubber case that stretches over the phone and eventually stretches out---I had one of those on my iPhone 3 and it was a stretched-out disaster after a few months of use. Nope, this is a hard shell that the phone snaps into. I acquired it from some vendor in Hong Kong via the magical eBay.

After having this phone and case since August this past Sunday a very scary thing happened. I was walking out of a thrift store with Jake and Siena. We were out and about looking for treasure...or something. I read Sara's blog and always think I might find something awesome at the thrift but alas, I never do. Jake loves thrift stores though, so every now and then we do a scouting trip. I digress. As we were walking out of one I reached into my purse pocket to pull out my phone so I could check to find the location of the (allegedly) chi-chi foothills Goodwill. As I did so I lost my grip and out flew my phone, into the air. All three of us froze. In what appeared to be slow motion the phone arced in the air, hit the ground screen side down, and skidded three feet.

I died inside.

But I played it cool and acted like it was no big deal. I picked up the phone, wiped it off, and made sure it still worked. It did.

It turns out this magical flight through the air resulted in a crack on the case. The phone landed right on the corner by the camera lens and flash. Jake has assured me this is the weakest spot on the phone and the worst place for it to land if dropped.

It is beyond belief that this is the only damage, and it's not to my phone, just to the case. It's a miracle, one orchestrated by my new patron saint Hello Kitty. My phone has no dings, no scratches on the screen---did I mention it slid three feet on the sidewalk?, and no malfunctions.

I salute you, Hello Kitty iPhone 4 hard case. You are worth every penny and then some of the $5.99 I paid for you. Sadly I must replace you now, so Sunday night I went straight to eBay and purchased a new case. It should be here this week since and it of course has Hello Kitty on it. Meet my latest fun eBay win:


  1. I am 40 and I am crazy over Hello Kitty. My husband and I were in Old Navy awhile back and I had such a fit over a Hello Kitty stuffed animal that he bought it for me.

  2. I don't know if you've seen this, but it was in a magazine I read over the weekend and I thought of your recent posts. The magazine specifically showed a cute silver compact mirror at Sephora that's Hello Kitty:

    Going to the website, I see they have a whole Hello Kitty section!


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