Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I Crazy to Want a White Skirt?

In theory I really like the idea of wearing white. Yet in practice doing so make me a nervous wreck: I am afraid I will drop my pen on my clothes, spill food, or otherwise sully the pristine field of white. Plus there is the phobia that white makes one look larger.

So when I spotted the Micro-Pleat Chiffon Skirt at White House Black Market I was immediately intrigued. Doesn't it look cool and refreshing? Those traits are definite bonuses in the hot desert climate in which I live. Plus, it's swingy, not a pencil skirt, and has graduated accordion pleats which seem to be everywhere this season. I'd like to see it in person to make the final decision as to whether or not I'm brave enough to wear it.  For now it is definitely going on my watch list.


  1. I don't think white makes us look bigger, as long as fit is good. I like the one you pictured. I have the same issues, I am very stain challenged. I've been dabbling in ivory and cream and so far so good, so I think I'll venture into white! You should try it. You have so much in your closet to coordinate with it.

  2. Pleats are everywhere! I don't think white makes you look big either (well, maybe white shoes on my giant feet). I couldn't do it, too many jam hands in my house PLUS I tend to spill more than my kids. If I buy anything white, I want it to be inexpensive. No guilt when it stains or yellows. Plus, I won't use bleach. Please post photos if you get the skirt!

  3. i currently have 3 white skirts, all are eyelet (i have a thing for eyelet!) and i've never had a problem keeping them clean. i don't think they make me look any wider either.

    i'm a huge fan of white clothing, though. i have mostly white shirts. :)

  4. I buy a new white skirt every year. If I find one I love, I buy two. I love white skirts for Spring & Summer! 90% of my white skirts have been eyelet.

  5. I own 5 white skirts and two white dresses and one maxi dress. Gotta love white;)


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