Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perfectly Ladylike: Talbots Cuffed-Bow Gloves

Of course I find something to love at Talbots after the 20% off and $5 shipping promo ends. Right the offer is $25 off $125, but no reduced shipping fees. Since their shipping prices are on par with J.Crew's and Anthro's it may be a while before I get these adorable cuffed gloves with little bows on them.

I'm not sure why but over the last couple of seasons I have been wanting to incorporate a vintagey, ladylike aesthetic into my wardrobe. I'm thinking these adorable gloves--in black, I'm showing you the grey so you can see the bow detail better-- would fit the bill just fine. If I can get a better coupon code I will be happy to make them mine, mine, mine. Or, I could go to the store and place my order there. These are online only so they will have to be ordered some how, some way.


  1. I just did one of their FIND IN A STORE searches for them and they are showing up in several stores. Give it a try.

  2. Talbots is pretty good about promos, I bet there will be one along soon. The gloves are so pretty!

  3. You can order from the store's red phone and get free shipping. I do it all the time. Hope you have one close by. I don't have a JCrew so I rarely order from them b/c even their min. is too high and I had to pay return shipping fees. But Talbots is great! I am waiting for their $200 cashmere scarf to go on sale. It will be mine! Patience.


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