Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Never Too Early for Christmas Ornaments

It may not be Halloween yet but that has not stopped stores from putting out Christmas merchandise. And like the crazy lady I am I've played into the Christmas Creep and purchased a few ornaments already.

In my defense I did so using either a substantial coupon or a gift card, so it's not like I just waltzed right in and plopped down cash on something I won't use for a while. I just like fun ornaments (truly: see here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here). I like a whimsical tree. I find retro-themed items fun. And I love monkeys, especially sock monkeys.

So it's no surprise I picked up the below ornaments: two monkeys from Kohl's and two toadstools from World Market. Just looking at them makes me smile.

Next up I would like to buy these, the set of four Alpaca Sock Monkeys from Crate & Barrel. It's like the store climbed into my head, recognized my love of sock monkeys, and made these especially for me...

When Anthropologie starts selling their ornaments I will really, really be in trouble.

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  1. just got the sundance catalog and they have sock monkey hats, mittens and a blanket. not to enable you or anything.... :)


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