Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I had a Million Dollars...I'd be Rich...and Buy these Shoes

Yes, indeedy, one million would make me feel rich. Heck, I feel rich when I open my wallet and see actual cash in there. It's somewhat shocking, because I rarely have cash on me. I find it hard to account for purchases when I pay in cash so I am a credit person (plus I love the cash back rewards, plus I pay my bill off every month, no credit debt for this chica). With cash it is so easy to just get something small, here's a latte, no worries, no receipt, but then, poof!, a few transactions later and your $20 bill is depleted.

But that's not my point. My point is I love these shoes:

Argila a563, marked down to $279 to $350. Ouch. But there's free shipping! I need a size 41...anyone generous enough out there to get them for me?!? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

I love the look of these, with their perfect demure heel, the grey and navy pairing, and the sweetly rounded toe. But I could never, in a million years, never pay that much money for a pair of shoes. Well, I could it the "buy" button and worry about paying it off when the bill comes (which I do every month), but then I think I would die from the anxiety and stress it would cause me. And if I die my life insurance policy is not worth too terribly much, and I would hate to leave Jake and Siena destitute and without my company-sponsored health insurance (though given this economy, I may not have it soon, anyway). Plus, when writing the obituary for the newspaper I think to state that I died from "acute anxiety caused by paying excessive shoe price though she loved them so" is pushing it a bit, eh?

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