Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shoe Storage Solutions for the Organization Freak

My poor husband Jake really has a problem: his girls. I, his wife, really, really loves shoes, and now my daughter is starting to really, really love them, too. Some time ago I wrote my Shoe Project series, and showed how I organize all my shoes in Container Store shoe boxes and boot boxes. Well, imagine my excitement when I found out they now have shoe boxes for kids! Whee! For this compulsive organizer it was like a giant present.

I ordered some of the kid's size and I have to say, they are the perfect fit for the shelf in Siena's closet. They make everything so much more manageable. Rather than have shoes in a jumbles pile everywhere on the shelf I can now stack the shoes in their boxes of uniform size and shape, see what she's got in one glance, and keep everything organized. I particularly like that the boxes have air holes so her shoes can breathe a bit between wearings. Plus, the boxes came with stickers. Bonus!

I'll be getting 4% of my total purchase cost back in cold, hard cash by going through ebates to make my purchase. It's a win-win for me, our shoes, and my obsessive need to organize.

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