Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blogs: The Ultimate Enabler to the Die Hard Shopper

Sometimes I wonder what I did without the internet and especially, blogs. I used to think I was alone in my Anthropologie obsession, but thankfully I am not. There are now several blogs devoted to the store, all of which can be found on my blog roll, and all of which I check at least daily. Because of these blogs I've been compelled to try on items I might have passed up, been able to identify items I missed and now want so I can do ebay stalking, and of course, hunted down items simply because repeated showing of them on others made me really, really want them.

Case in point: Anthro's Budding T-Straps shoes. I never would have purchased these. I thought about it, but they were navy, and I don't own navy, and plus, they seemed kind of out of my comfort zone, and really I had nothing to wear with them. Then Kim over at Anthroholic got a pair and started posting pictures of what she wears them with, and the little seed was planted in my brain: I need these shoes! I have been branching out into color and hrmm, these would make an excellent addition to my wardrobe. The only problem was, they had been sold out for quite a while by the time I had this epiphany.

But that did not deter me. After Kim devoted a whole post to shoes she missed out on and shoes she got, I knew I had to find these. And find them I did. I located them at an Anthro in Philadelphia and had them shipped to me. Now they are sitting in my closet, waiting for me to wear them. And wear them I will, never you fear! I am already planning outfits. It's like an epiphany to me: they are navy with silver and pink. That means I can wear lilac, navy, grays, all sorts of colors with them. I can start to break out of my rut of only wearing black or brown shoes.

It's interesting to me how blogs can build a buzz about product or brand, or even an item. My next case in point is Fei's Tandem Jump Blouse at Anthro, which I reviewed here. I never would have considered this shirt until I saw it pictured on another blogger here. Then, it started to gnaw at me, and I started to wonder what it would be like to own 1.) a blouse, 2.) something with a ruffly collar, 3.) something that might cause me to be a bit more adventurous. So as soon as I saw it in store I tried it on, fell in love, and came home with it.

I don't know where I would be without Roxy's blog Effortless Anthropologie. I love how she will try on, take pictures, and review just about every item Anthropologie carries. I love the discussion on the blog, hearing from others what they think about products, and getting ideas about new things. Sure, I can and do read the product reviews at Anthro's site but when I really want an opinion I check out Roxy's blog.

All this to say wow, reading so many different blogs has really got me to work on changing my look for the better. It's kept me in the loop about sales, items to just pass by no matter how cute they look, and items to consider, even if they don't seem like "me" at first glance. I feel as though my style is evolving. I am paring things down, developing a well-edited wardrobe, and mixing in different shapes and colors. For the first time ever I even have skirts that are only seasonally appropriate certain times of the year. I feel like I am growing up.


  1. Jacquelyn,

    I could of written what you just posted! Esp aboutthe Budding T Strap shoes...thats MY story! LOL! I never owned a pair of t-strap shoes , never gave them the time of day... but b/c of the blogs i started to think about it and then had to hunt down like a madwoman... My wardrobe doesnt call for a t-strap so now I have to really think and style an outfit for them... i started by shopping my closet and sure enuf, I have quite a few outfits lined up for these shoes...

    Outfit #1 I noticed in some fashion ad on someones blog of a model wearing t-strap heels with boyfriend jeans rolled up! WHEW!!! Thats a starting point for me! i will wear that with a Zara navy v neck cardi w/ a F21 blush cami underneath and a skinny JCrew silver belt...

    outfit #2 is that blush cami, a BR cream lace s/s hook and eye top and Lucy Love navy linen dressy shorts...

    outfit #3 is peach JCrew tissue ruffle v neck cardi, cream colored F21 cami and these denim like wide elastic waisted shorts that look like a full skirted mini...

    I went from a shoe style I never owned b/c I thought you only wear that style with dresses/skirts , to having 3 outfits in my own closet without even having to buy a single item!

    I've always been an Anthro shopper but the blogs have helped me, like you, try things I would of never have looked twice at...and wear in better styled ways than my old tried and true ways!... making dressing much more fun!

    I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now and check in on a daily basis! :))

  2. I agree about the effect that blogs can have. I actually am longing for the days before all the anthro blogs because it was much easier to curb my cravings. But now, it is so easy to find out about new in-store sale pieces, and then I end up in the store with a whole handful of things I hadn't planned on. I have been trying on items I normally wouldn't and I know what you mean...I need to find a way for the blogs to benefit me and entertain me without tempting me...

  3. All these new Anthro blogs are killing me, because I have NO willpower when it comes to resisting beautiful new items!!!

    I am kicking myself for not grabbing those shoes while I still could...I scour Ebay several times a day to see if the Budding T-Straps can be found in size 6, but nothing so far!:(

  4. I totally agree that the anthro blogs are wonderful and dangerous all at the same time. I do feel like reading them has helped me create better and more interesting outfits - or at least step out of my comfort zone. I try to rearrange clothes from my closet more then anything, but I do love seeing all the reviews of the clothes, both from you, Roxy and Kim.

  5. My mind is always blown when I stop to think about how different my life is since I've gotten into blogging and just how much blogging has enhanced my life. I have found though I have to be careful with shopping and home blogs because they tend to feed my desire to buy, buy, buy a little too much sometimes :) (I don't have that problem with yours since you're very frugal about your Anthro obsession)

  6. Thanks for the link love Jacquelyn! I appreciate it! I'm SO happy I was able to help enable you to buy the Budding Tstraps!

  7. I completely agree about blogs enabling -- J.Crew Aficionada was by far the worst for me for so long (I heart Alexis very much though!). These days I've put myself on a tight budget and once it's gone, it's gone. I like the sense of community each blog brings so I'd hate to give it up. :)

  8. Jacquelyn,
    I recently started truly reading yours, GIGI's and Kim Anthro blogs and man they are HELPFUL and enabling!

    I love the fact though the everyone tries on the item and if it is something I am thinking of and one of you comment about it it makes it easier for me (at least) to pass or buy it!

    The Budding t-straps I have noticed is a MUST for everyone that I myself am on the hunt for them too!
    Can I ask you though what size you settled on since I know you tend to have 10 or 10.5 size?

    Thanks and keep up your honest work!


  9. Hi Contess,

    I got the size 10 in the budding t-straps and they fit perfectly. I have to say I was surprised because in the past Miss Albright shoes had been snug on me. However, I have the Budding T-Straps and Bouquet of Roses both in a 10, and they fit perfect. So, now I am no longer afraid to try this brand, which may be very deadly for my pocketbook!

  10. Hi Jacquelyn,

    thanks for your response! I am now currently hunting budding t-straps.

    Please post pics when with them on!



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