Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am a Serial Returner

I sit here at the computer with a pile of receipts that show a credit at a store. I am checking my credit card to see if the credit has gone through. (Side note: why do charges post instantly but credits take up to five business days to post?) Or, I have a pile of UPS tracking labels to see if a return has been delivered. Or, I have any number of reusable bags filled with items to go back to the store(s), where I get the receipt so I can check my credit card.

I don't carry a balance on my credit card; I pay it off in full each month. But I still keep on top of the charges and credits, because it provides visibility into what, how much, and where I spend.

That aside, I do the majority of my shopping online. That means a lot of returns, either to the store or shipped back. What does this say about me, that I am a serial returner? I worry I will get put on some naughty list as a returner and be denied the ability to return at a store. I know The Limited keeps such a database. I wonder if J.Crew and Anthro do?

Sometimes I dread going into Anthro or J.Crew because I am there to do yet another return. I wonder what the SAs think of me. I also wonder what Mr. UPS thinks about the frequent deliveries he makes. My husband likes to say that I am stimulating the economy.

I would not be such a serial returner if the stores I like carried more sizes, styles, and options like the stores in larger cities. Also, for some places I have to order online as there is not a local store. But still, it gets tiring to always be doing the return dance. But I really don't see any other option: I tend to be indecisive, I like to think my purchases over and try them on a few times before I fully commit, and I am always second-guessing myself. Note: I keep the tags on, and do not wear the item out of the house, so what I return is in new condition. I just like to try items on at home and really think about them. I guess I am commitment-phobic!

Sigh. If I am a serial returner, what kind of shopper are you?


  1. Ah yes, the dreaded return. I find what's dangerous is that returning an item puts me back in the store where I'll probably find yet another thing to buy. Lately I've been banning all shopping for myself (even online) and I must say, it feels great!

  2. The database thing scares me, but I have always erred on the side of taking an item home to decide if I really like it or not. The problem is so many people abuse the system -- take it home, take off the tags, wear it, then try to return it -- that stores have to do something. I don't really have a solution...other than making friends with the SAs.

  3. I return stuff like crazy!! It's because I'm a serious impulsive shopper, and sometimes because new arrivals come out that I decide are better than what I got, so I always keep reciepts and tags...

    I'm a serious serial returner too~

  4. Oh and like Roxy, I usually need to take it home to really see if I like it too..

  5. I agree with you 100%! I am also one who needs size 14 in some tops and some skirts (the fitted ones, like pencils and cami's!) and I am so upset that they are changing limiting the sizes on many items up to size 12. I also read that there are not as many petite sizes available as well.

    Great to find your blog! I started one this summer! Visit sometime!

  6. Buyers remorse-serial returner! That's me! With two kids I often fond it easier to shop online and try the clothes at home. Often times this reaults in many many repeat returns to the store to do returns! I don't enjoy having to return stuff though, I feel bad for doing it so often! You should post to see how long people keep their items before returning. Immediately, weeks, months? That'd be an intersting topic to read about.

  7. I'm a chronic returner and rebuyer, when items are discounted further, and a habitual online shopper due to size and kid issues. Returning isn't too bad at J. Crew since I am so close to the store, and can go in whenever to return, but the Anthro in my area is over an hour away! Because of the free ship all summer, I tried a bunch of things for the heck of it, and now I have a few hundred dollars worth of stuff to go back. I've made the return trek twice already this summer, and I'm almost glad I go so infrequently so the SAs won't peg me on sight.

  8. Maybe if you write to Anthro about your dilemma- they could do something about it? I always feel guilty when returning stuff. But then again, some things online don't turn out/fit as well as we hope so back it goes. The UPS man comes to our house every day (my husband and I like to order stuff online as it it more convenient) he must think we are shopaholics!


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