Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Shoe Project: Tall Boots, a Winter Staple

For the first installation of the Shoe Project I am going to take a look at my winter staple: the tall boot. Here in Tucson it really does not get all that cold, and our "winter" is from mid-November to the end of January. Therefore, I don't have traditional winter shoes. I have boots, three pairs to be exact. And I wear them constantly, pretty much every day to work and sometimes on weekends.

Pictured below are two of those pairs from Naturalizer. Both are black, extended calf boots. One pair, the Kiersten, is your everyday boot, and own it in black and brown (not pictured). The other pair is a riding boot. I bought the two black pairs in fall 2006 and the brown pair in fall 2007. I fear the day when these boots die, because in the winter months I pretty much just wear a skirt or dress to work with one of these pairs of boots. All three pairs are extended calf, as I have larger calves and need a bit more room. I have tried to find other pairs of boots that I like as well in extended calf but have not been as lucky---this is why I fear the day these boots ever get worn out. Until then I take preventive measures such as cleaning them regularly and storing them in shoes boxes. 

Since I am going on year three of wearing the black boots and don't wear the brown boots very often (I don't own much brown, but since I found them super-discounted, in my size, with the extended calf I scooped them up) I figure I will easily get another three years out of them, probably more. They have truly proven to be worth the initial purchase price.


  1. It looks like you picked good boots. I run into the problem of my boots looking dated. You know a squared off toe (my favorite Joan and David boots, perfect shaft height and circumference) or an elongated pointy squared-off toe (great Donald Pliners). Maybe I need to pick more classic shapes (a tall pair of strechy shafted Cole Haans - but crap, they are $500!) Any suggestions of "will look good for a couple of years" boots?

  2. I love the slightly squared toe of my riding boots. I also think a rounded oval toe (if that makes any sense) has staying power.

    It's interesting...a lot of the shoes I have gotten rid of have had pointy toes or super-sqaured tooes, almost blunt. Definitely a more rounded, ovalish toe seems to have the best staying power.


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