Friday, January 30, 2009

It's My Birthday and Retailers Want Me to Spend

My birthday is right around the corner and already the special "birthday month" offers have begun to roll in. It's a nice customer service gesture in behalf of the companies to recognize loyal customers. It gets people in the door, and inevitably spending more money beyond what the coupon or offer value is for. I know I definitely plan to use my coupons, and I will stick as close as possible to the minimum purchase required.

Here is what I have received so far:
  • $10 coupon from Victoria's Secret, no purchase minimum
  • $15 coupon from BR, again no purchase minimum (can be used online and in store, so I could double-dip)
  • $10 from White House Black Market, no minimum
I'm surprised the Gap has not sent me anything, especially since I am a Silver card holder and I think they have sent me a birthday coupon in the past. I'm still anxiously waiting and hoping that I get the much-talked-about-but-extremely-rare Anthropologie birthday discount card.

I have all of February to use these coupons so I will probably hit the mall the last weekend of the month, when the spring stuff is all out and maybe the first wave is on first mark-down. I just can't resist the lure of a coupon!

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