Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Family Tradition Lives On

Tonight Jake and I took Siena to Dairy Queen for the first time ever. We got her a chocolate dipped cone in a cup, and she loved it. We sat on the bench out front and just enjoyed the sunset and the ice cream, and each other. It was kind of funny that as we sat there Jake and I recalled various family trips to the DQ. I recalled the time my brother and I were kids and we each got large sundaes at the B1G1 free sale. They were so huge we made ourselves sick. Jake remembered going there with his family, especially after one of his brothers' band recitals. 

The trip also brought up other memories, specifically of Thrifty ice cream. The convenience store down the street from us sells it but we opted for DQ instead. Next time we will try the Thrifty out. Anyway, Jake remembered how it used to be $.35 for a scoop. I remembered how my parents never let us get more than two scoops because the one time we got three it was too much for us and it all fell off the cone. I've heard the Thrifty ice cream at the convenience store is around $2 a scoop. It just does not seem the same...I wonder if they use the oval push-down scoopers like the Thriftys of my childhood?

So Siena is already asking to go back to the DQ. And she is also asking to take ballet classes and dance in a tutu. So I signed her up for a toddler dance class today through Parks and Rec that starts next month. Maybe I will treat her to a tutu for it, and then we can go to the DQ afterward. I will have to leave work early one day a week  (good thing I have a lot of PTO banked up) to take her so we can have our special mother-daughter time. I have to say, I am looking forward to it.

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