Friday, August 03, 2007

Random Shopping Notes

Well, Siena and I went to the mall today to just look around and redeem a couple of coupons. First and foremost, we used my $10 certificate B&BW sent me for no apparent reason (other than I spent a lot of money there during their big sale? who knows) and got some of the Frederik Fekkai glossing creme. I love this stuff! I had tried it with a free travel size coupon that was also sent to me from B&BW. My fine thick, fine hair looks fly-away after I blow-dry, but this stuff smooths it out and makes it so shinny---and it is weightless as well. Good stuff!

While there we also went by Victoria's Secret to get my free panty with the coupon sent to me. I also tried on their new BBV Full Coverage Uplift Bra and was very impressed. It feels like you have nothing on. It is so comfortable! I like it better than my phased-out BBV shaping demi. The free panty coupon also gave me $10 off one of the bras, so I bought three. Then I came home and got all the other BBV shaping demi bras I had bought a few months ago which still had tags on them (I had stocked up because a salesperson had told me they were being discontinued, and they were 40% off), got the receipts, and returned them to another VS this afternoon. So I was pleased with myself for that. It's always good to return things rather than keeping them hanging around not being used.

Also while at the mall I went into the Limited, where I am sad to report that they are phasing out size XL in tops. Not fair! First they phased out size 14 in bottoms. I lost weight so I can fit in their 12, but I'm sorry, unless I get a breast reduction, most of their size L shirts, in particular the fitted ones, are a bit too small for me. So that is one less place I can shop now, since most of their bottoms don't appeal to me, which is both a good and a bad thing. I just don't understand why retailers do this. American women are getting larger and yet chain stores are limiting their size range. You would think they would expand it to catch more business, but no.

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  1. That awful about the Limited. I haven't really shopped there, but I always hate when companies get stingier about sizes. I've had a breast reduction and it's still hard at times to find shirts that fit in the chest area.

    BTW, thanks for the link!


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