Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not So Washable Washable Markers

Much like her father Siena is displaying a taste for drawing. While she is not quite at the "painting a watercolor of a Greek cathedral" stage as Jake is, she loves to draw and scribble. On everything. Herself, the couch, the table, in her ear (?), om paper---you name it, she scribbles on it. We bought her some chalk for the porch hoping to alleviate anymore household disasters but she has shunned that in favor of highlighters. So last night we purchased some washable markers.

This morning we gave them to her and she loved them, so much so that she wrote on the floor, on herself, on the table, and on the couch. The couch cover is in the dryer now, the floor needs acetone to remove the markings off the concrete, and I had to scrub her very well in the bath to get it off. From now on, no markers without supervision!

Where did we get these fine markers, you ask? At Target, of course! I also tried on about 18 pieces of clothing, all to no avail. They had an adorable little black shift dress that would have been perfect for the office, but the neck was cut too high---hello, no uniboob look for me, thanks! I have bad luck with most of their clothes, where I can wear everything from a 12 to 16 from a L to XXL, all from the same line. So I have to take a small closet into the fitting room with me, and of course I am only allowed in 6 at a time, so it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Luckily Siena slept the whole time so Jake and I had a leisurely stroll through the store. Still, all we came away with were household goods, an emergency preparedness kit, the markers, and a giant Lego set for Siena. When she saw it this morning she squealed, clapped her hands, and said "Yay!" really loud. I guess that makes it worth the ordeal of having blocks and Legos underfeet in all 1406 square feet of this house, at all times.

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