Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Greetings from Clearwater, Florida!

The weather here is not much different than back in Tucson: hot and very humid, with thunderstorms, I have a little Rav4 as my rental and I have to tell you, it is a fun drive. The hotel I am in is nice, it's a full suite with a kitchen and everything. I just used the fitness room and now here I am, in front of the business center computer.

After deplaning yesterday I cruised over to Nordstrom, which is about 3 minutes from the rental car pick-up at the airport. I looked for some shoes and such at their anniversary sale but could not find any. I did buy some of their organic cotton undies, seamless and so soft. I looked around the mall but came away with nothing else except a nice walk.

I just saw on one of my favorite blogs,, that JCrew is having 20% off their final sale. I saw these items that I liked:

The sweater is 100% cashmere and the V-neck is especially flattering for the large busted such as myself, not to mention slimming (or so says my What Not to Wear book and Lucky Style Guide). The shoes are satin with leather trim. So cute! So perfect together, and so feminine!

I guess I had better go now...I need to get some dinner and then do some reading, something I love to do but never have time to do unless I am on a elliptical or stationary bike. Though I love to read magazines and they are easy to read when you have a small child and are interrupted a lot, there is nothing like reading a good, thick book. Right now I am working my way through a book on Mary Magdalene. So fascinating!

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